PS of Sweden Bridle Flying Change Deluxe Revolution (Custom Sizes)


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A best-selling PS of Sweden dressage bridle in luxurious style with rolled leather, lacquered parts, horizontally adjustable cheek pieces with elasticized cradle, and completely removable magic flash!

The shape of the patent pending crownpiece reduces the pressure behind the sensitive ears and top of the neck of the horse. The extra padding offers more space for the ears to move naturally.

The rolled noseband has a anatomical design to allow for freedom around the cheek bones and the nerve endings. The noseband strap has a padded plate under the chin and is fastened with pullback. The flash strap can be removed, turning the noseband into a regular cavesson. The flash strap is also rolled to complete the look.

The bridle's elongated rolled cheek pieces coupled with shorter head piece straps further accentuates the bridles unique and elegant design. The cheekpieces features our Patent Pending hidden french hooks!

The cheek pieces are round stitched with french hooks and our patent pending elasticized cradles, which allow the bit to suspend in the horse’s mouth. This helps to further relieve the pressure on the poll. The cradles are selectable and constructed to be easily "hooked on and off".

The cheek pieces are horizontally adjustable to avoid pressure on the nerves. Even the padding inside the noseband is cut out to avoid cheek pinch.

PLEASE NOTE: Throatlatches do not come with bridles. Throat-latches can be purchased separately on the throatlatch page on our website. 

Material & Color

  • Exclusive English, vegetable tanned leather.
  • "Cradle" in polyester.
  • Available in black or brown.
  • Gun colored buckles.

Product Description

The browband has the unique patent pending "Click-it” PS of Sweden design, which allows you to swap it out in a few seconds, even when the horse is already wearing the bridle. The Click It buttons are blue, with the PS of Sweden logo on.

Reins are sold separately.

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