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The Watch Out bridle is a brand new innovative anatomic bridle, that makes it even more easy to get the perfect fitted bridle for your horse. The bridles has; in addition to the usual places; yet another buckle on top of the noseband, were you can regulate precisely were it should be placed  to avoid your horse cheekbones. The noseband has a large curve, so the straps will not touch the cheekbones. Further more the pullback is placed further back than normal, so you avoid pressure on the side of the teeth, when you strap it. The bridle has also our custom designed neck strap, which minimize pressure on the sensitive neck/nerves substantially.

* Thick neoprene padding in the neck strap and noseband for optimal pressure relief and comfort.
* Anatomic correct neck strap with cutback behind the ears, so there is no pressure on them and they have full ear movement.
* 5cm wide neck strap to minimize pressure on your horses neck.
* Anatomically shaped noseband which can be adjusted on top of the horses nose for the perfect fit.
* The noseband is 4cm wide in the middle.
* French hooks on cheekpieces and reins for a more elegant look.
* Curved browband.
* Web reins included.

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