ThinLine Reins



From the moment you pick them up, ThinLine English reins will always feel the same. We guarantee this rein will not slip even in wet and lathery situations and we guarantee you will have a softer feel.

A favorite of show jumpers and dressage riders alike. A must have for eventers and hunters. Trail riders also cannot get enough of the comfortable feel.

Rein thickness is 3/4″, (foam thickness) and is suitable for those with small hands or arthritis.

We guarantee you will develop softer contact and will have a steadier, more consistent feel with improved confidence in this non-slip rein. Easy to hold, riders with arthritis can hold the rein with improved comfort.


Available in two grades of leather (Indian and premium Italian) and two colors (Black and Dark Brown)

48″(Pony), 54″(Full), and 60″(Warmblood)

Italian leather offered with stud hook or buckle ends

Indian leather offered with stud hook ends only and with or without hand stops

All reins come with martingale stops.  If you do not need this, you may remove it.

The option titled “reins with stops” means there are bands of leather sewn onto the hand held portion of the reins. Often called hand stops.

Options Available in Indian Leather:

-48"-Brown-Stud Hook Pony $79.99
-48"-Black Stud Hook Pony  $79.99
-54"-Black-Stud Hook  $84.99
-54"-Black-SH w/stops $89.99
-54"-Brown-Stud Hook $84.99
-54"-Brown-SH w/stops $89.99
-60"-Black-Stud Hook $89.99
-60"-Black SH w/stops $99.99
-60"-Brown-Stud Hook- Warmblood size $89.99 
-60"-Brown-SH w/stops Warmblood size $99.99

Options available In Italian Leather: 

-48"-Brown-Stud Hook Pony $129.99 
-54"-Black-Buckle End $129.99 
-54"-Black-Stud Hook $134.99 
-54"-Brown-Buckle End $134.99 
-54"-Brown-Stud Hook $134.99 
-60"-Black-Buckle End $139.99 
-60"-Black-Stud Hook $139.99 
-60"-Brown-Buckle End $139.99 
-60"-Brown-Stud Hook $139.99

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